1 - Deadlift in high-heels

Ethic tells us not to laugh at others for trying, especially when it's about health and well-being. But man, some people are straight asking for it. I mean, what will doing deadlifts with high-heels grant you aside from broken heels and a missing shinbone?

2 - Pride is everything

You know, if you fail so hard that the only thing crossing your mind is to make it look like everything was "part of the plan", then maybe this guy will inspire you not to.

3 - Thanks, man

What would you do without your amazing spotter? Not that. Really. 0:51 made me shed a tear of two.


4 - Vikings

They say you can make a cognitive training program in order to get better at something specific. Like, rowing a boat maybe?

5 - Treadmills & rocket launchers

About everything in this video is absolutely, amazingly whimsical. I mean, the first seconds crack me up like the chiropractor. Get it?

Fortunately, most of these people didn't get seriously injured and should be a motivation to train properly, read a lot before hitting the gym and stay positive that you won't end up on Youtube in some uncomfortable and thorny situations.

Keep being graceless for your cheat days.

Featured image credit : https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrishunkeler/

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