There are surprisingly many essentials that you should carry with you on your way to the church of iron -- and sweaty stinky gym clothes aren’t one of them.

Here‘s a quick check-list you should review before leaving home to have the best gym experience possible!

1. Your lock

A no brainer, isn’t it? Therefore a lot of you tend to bring your lock with you in a pocket, which can greatly increase the risk of you forgetting to actually bring it. You sure don’t want your personal belongings stolen while you are working hard on those gains.

2. A towel

What is worse than going on the legpressing machine right after the hairy gorilla leaving a puddle of sweat on the hot leather backrest? If dying while playing in traffic was your answer, this is the right answer! Use this artifact to its maximum to keep you from unnecessary bacteria like staphylococcus.

3. Extra earphones

Keep a second pair in your bag at all times. You don’t want a solo session without your favorite artist to pump you up when your motivation isn’t at its highest.

4. Lifting wrist wraps

No, you won’t be called a pussy by wearing these. Wearing wrist wraps will actually help you lift heavier if you are unintentionally not upping your weight because of wrist articulation pain (cough cough bench-press and reverse dumbbell curls cough). If you do not have wrist pain, this will keep you from having a ruined workout if you start to train and start feeling it.

5. Safety deodorant / antiperspirant

I get it, taking a shower at the gym may not be for everyone. I beg you though; don’t be that person who makes everyone in the subway fall unconscious for a reason that is not relate to your good looks.

6. BCAA’s

For the people who find drinking water pretty lame, why not spice it up with branched-chain amino acid to not only make you recover faster and promote protein synthesis, with that awesome tangy fruit taste.


For the love of God. I don’t think I can get madder than when you have to go to the water fountain after each set, and have to deal with the person who started using your weights/seat/machine while you took that 30 second walk. Yes, I left my towel there for a reason, that was temporarily mine, just like planting that flag on the moon, now step away before I protein fart. Please, bring that shaker, fill it with water, close your eyes and smile to that feeling of training without these interruptions!

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