Music has such an enormous influence on people, animals, and even plants. What's penetrating your ears has a direct impact on your mood, attitude towards goals, and motivation level. In fact, music is often used to rev up one's training intensity, therefore making the entire training an exquisite experience.

Now, tastes in music are vast in variety. In fact, nobody has the exact same tastes in music as someone else especially because we all like a certain kind of music for a specific activity. Yes, some people like dubstep, and only dubstep where anything else is complete bullcrap. What happens then is those people get fed up of a certain music genre and switch to something completely different. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to associate a genre according to a kind of activity. Pop for cooking, electro for homework, classic for computer jobs, trance for lifting, rock for jogging, and so on.

Here's a list of what the music you listen to when training says about you.

Metal, Hardcore and Screamo

You're a really concentrated person when it comes to training. In fact, when you put those earbuds on, you can't help but not give a single shrimp about what's happening around. Music helps you finish your sets, it pushes you to go all-in. As the singer screams his lungs out, you feel like you could lift the entire planet with your own hands. Also, you have this ability of taking off your earphones and reintegrate everyone else's world in a matter of milliseconds.

As you walk from your station to the water fountain, you restrain yourself from headbanging and think about how amazing your next set is going to be.

Popular electronic music

Volume limit is your only enemy. You can't find a point where your music player is just too loud. Even if sometimes you're guilty of tapping your right foot on the hard floor, following the rapid pace beats, you just can't remove your earphones without having a feeling of leaving the zone. People around can probably hear a bit of what you're listening too and honestly, whatever. A workout without music is a pain, even if you are completely able to train without it, you probably would make the trip back home to get your music player if you noticed you've forgot it half-way to the gym.

Radio pop songs

You find a certain kind of fun when it comes to training no one can understand. You like to look at people without being a stalker, only because you like it. With of without earphones, you're able to train because most of the time, your local gym plays the music you like. You have this capability of singing the lyrics in your head while squatting your life away. Hearing the sounds you know is a huge motivation and it makes you feel stronger.

When your song it being broadcasted at the radio, bitches can step aside because YOU got this shit.

Indie smooth, post-rock and chillstep

Gym is literally a therapy for you. You train to be healthy and good looking, but mostly because you need to, because you body demands it more than food and sleep. You carefully build your playlists before hitting the gym to make sure you'll have enough good music. Afterwards, when you slowly reintegrate the real world, you feel relieved and stressless. Working out is such a personal accomplishment for you, yet you don't feel like posting selfies and stuff on social networks.

Training is you being with yourself. Everything else? You'll deal with that later on.

Techno and constant-rhythm styles

Your workouts are organized and timed. Even though you might not be a chrono freak, you like a certain routine when it comes to building your training program. You enjoy doing long cardio runs and focus on your posture. Long workouts are no fun, but you rarely notice how much time you spent training as time slopes off before your eyes. Working out is also a pretty good way of discovering new artists and testing what music matches with what type of training.

Movie soundtracks and scores

Your life is epic and so are your trainings. Lifting and running is an out-of-the-world experience. Every set makes you feel like you are becoming more and more powerful. Taking of your earphones is not an option as it can destroy your mood and take you out of your unsubstantial zone. You may like to train in pairs, when you're lifting or running, you travel to an unknown place for a couple of seconds where you're the only living creature, capable of everything, breaking the laws of physics, rendering everything around to nothing less than nothingness.

Being a fitness hero is also not a choice.

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