If you’ve been thinking about ways to make a little post-summer cash, look no further. There are plenty of jobs in Canada that are hiring for the upcoming season and some will pay you to do fun fall activities like apple picking. It’s a seasonal side hustle like no other!

The summer is almost over and that means it’s time to start thinking about the fall and winter seasons ahead.

Whether you’re a student working online, a rookie looking for your first job, or somebody wanting to get out and enjoy the fall colours, an outdoor side hustle could be perfect for you.

Right now, farms across Canada are hiring apple pickers ahead of the upcoming season.

Whilst you’d usually have to pay to pick apples, they’ll be paying you instead!

There's roles available from Quebec and Ontario to New Brunswick and beyond. Although most of them aren’t paying big bucks, it’s a great way to make a little extra cash ahead of the Christmas period.

No experience or education is required for most of these jobs, so you can apply regardless of your background.

Better still, you might be able to grab a tasty apple or two to take home after your shift. Yum!

Apple Picker

Location: Montague, PEI

Salary: $15 per hour (20-50 hours per week)

Company: Red Shore Orchards and Managment

Why You Should Apply: This orchard is looking for somebody who’s personable, reliable and a team player. The role involves picking crops, namely apples, and handling up to 23 kilograms of fruit. While they’re happy to train a new recruit, one requirement is that you can clearly distinguish between colours.

Apply Here

Apple Picker

Location: Glen Huron, ON

Salary: $14 per hour (80-90 hours bi-weekly)

Company: F.J. Giffen Farms Ltd

Why You Should Apply: This place has got plenty of hours and plenty of positions up for grabs. There’s ten roles available right now and you’ll need to have your own transportation to take up this job. Other than that, no specific skills, education or experience is required to apply!

Apply Here

Apple Picker

Location: Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, QC

Salary: $15 per hour (40 hours per week)

Company: L'Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac

Why You Should Apply: You’ll be working alongside Quebec’s beautiful Saint Benedict Abbey and will be required to help with the apple harvest and prepare the fruit for sale at the abbey shop. They’re looking for someone with a secondary school education and experience is an esset. 

Apply Here

Apple Picker

Location: Gagetown, NB

Salary: $35 per load 

Company: AppleManFarms

Why You Should Apply: This orchard is hiring 10 new people to join their apple picking crew. Unlike the others, this place is paying by the load, rather than hourly. You’ll need to be comfortable working at heights and carrying heavy crates. Otherwise, no experience or education is a necessity.

Apply Here

Apple Picker

Location: Ruthven, ON

Salary: $14.18 per hour (48 hours per week)

Company: Abbruzzese Farms Ltd.

Why You Should Apply: There's four vacancies here and you need nothing but your own transportation to apply. The salary isn't amazing, but it could suit anyone looking for a short-term gig.

Apply Here

Apple Picker

Location: Canning, NS

Salary: $12.55 per hour (30-60 hours per week)

Company: Wright Farms

Why You Should Apply: While this job only pays Nova Scotia’s minimum wage, there’s plenty of hours on offer if you want them. There’s four jobs available and the company has pleasant working hours from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. You only need to be able to carry 13.5 kilograms for this one, and apples and blueberries will be on your pick-list.

Apply Here

Apple Picker

Location: Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, QC

Salary: TBC (70 hours per week)

Company: Les Vergers Cataphard & Fils Inc.

Why You Should Apply: This orchard is looking for 15 members of staff to help during the apple picking season. The salary is listed as “to be discussed” but they’ve said they’re happy to hire older people and those with no experience. The length of employment would be between one and three months.

Apply Here

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