If you didn’t receive COVID-19 relief funding from the provincial government, you are not alone. According to Service Alberta, over 5,000 people in the province were denied Alberta COVID-19 relief funding. Although this is a large number of people, it only represents about five percent of the applications that were submitted. 

Since COVID-19 started, provincial governments have been implementing relief funds in order to alleviate some financial stress. 

With so many people being temporally laid off or having lost their jobs entirely, everyone has been applying for Employment Insurance (EI)

But this money can only get you so far which is why the Alberta government set up a number of relief funding grants. 

One of these funding grants is the Alberta Emergency Isolation Support Program. This program aimed to give Albertans a weekly payment of $573. 

With a maximum period of two weeks, eligible residents in the province received a total payment of $1,146. 

The program, which closed on Monday, April 6, saw a large number of applicants and while a large majority were accepted, there were a lot of people that didn't make the cut.

According to an email sent to Narcity by Service Alberta, as of Wednesday, April 29, exactly 99,288 people applied for the program. 

These applications were taken between Wednesday, March 25, when the program opened to the closing date of Monday, April 6.  

Out of the people that applied, 94,235 people were approved with the remaining 5,053 people being denied. 

This means that the approval rate was about 94.9%. 

Service Alberta did not provide specifics as to why the people were not approved but it was noted to Narcity that some people did fill out more than one application. 

The Edmonton Journal spoke with Christina Gray, NDP Labour and Immigration Critic, who called out the UCP government to re-evaluate all the denied applicants. 

Gray noted to the news outlet that there were a number of failures of the support program including website crashes, “baffling criterias,” and unexplained denials.

While this program has ended, Albertans who have already collected from provincial COVID-19 funding are still eligible for CERB. 

The program was put in place specifically as a bridge until the federal benefit was accessible to Canadians. 

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