Plenty of Canadians are probably looking for a way to keep making money. Luckily, despite the global pandemic, there are still opportunities out there. Amazon Canada is currently hiring for over 5,000 positions across the country.

These jobs are available in the company's warehouse and delivery networks, which have become more important than ever during this time.

The majority of the jobs are available in Ontario, with an additional 800 positions available in both Alberta and British Columbia.

The majority of positions available are for full-time warehouse associates, including some seasonal jobs, and pay $16.70 an hour (with an hourly bonus for night shifts).

Warehouse staff get orders ready, load them into trucks for delivery, and stock inventory.

Amazon will even pay for the safety footwear required to work in these positions.

While the job can be physically strenuous, the company has its staff do daily stretches to get warmed up before a shift.

If you want to do something more advanced in the warehouses, you can also receive training for operating powered industrial equipment.

Anyone interested in a job as a delivery driver can apply through Amazon's Delivery Service Partners' website.

These positions pay $16.50 an hour, and often entail four to five 10-hour days a week.

While the company had previously introduced financial incentives for its workers during the pandemic, it said that it would be ending those after May, according to the Canadian Press via CTV News.

The company will, however, be doubling its overtime pay.

Amazon has been a large part of Canada's COVID-19 efforts. In April, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the government would be partnering with the company in order to use their distribution network for delivering much-needed PPE.

For students and Canadian youth who are also looking for jobs, the Canada Summer Jobs Program officially started on May 15, with thousands of postings already going up.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes. 

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