Winning the lottery is something all of us have fantasized about at one point or another. But the reality of winning a massive lump sum just came true for a person in B.C. An Aldergrove Lotto 6/49 winner was announced on Wednesday, May 27 and now, they are over $24 million richer. Here's the kicker, they won't even know it yet. 

We love hearing about people winning the lottery.

From iconic quitting stories to BFF’s using the money to live out their dreams, the way people's lives change after winning a large amount of money is so interesting and we just can't get enough. 

The latest lottery draw for Lotto 6/49 was on Wednesday, May 27, and apparently someone won big. 

The winner is from B.C., so if you haven’t checked your tickets, you may want to. 

The $24 million ticket was bought in Aldergrove, B.C. but just because the ticket was purchased there doesn’t mean it was a resident. 

The winning numbers have been announced by BCLC. If your ticket says 7, 17, 18, 22, 28, 34 and bonus number 1, then we are here to tell you that you are now a millionaire. 

You may not be Kylie Jenner rich, but you are well on your way. 

To be exact, the winning person is taking home $24,369,459. 

The lucky winner has yet to claim their prize which means someone is walking around without even knowing they just became the richest person they know. 

Since the person has yet to come forward and claim the ticket, BCLC has not released where in Aldergrove the winning numbers were purchased. 

But it wasn’t just the Aldergrove winner that took home cash during the Wednesday, May 27, draw. 

Over 91,000 people won $10, and another 604,000 people won a free play of $3. 

It may not be much but at least that money will cover another ticket purchase. 

Don’t be bummed if you didn’t win. The next Lotto 6/49 draw is on Saturday, May 30, and the winning prize is $5 million. 

It may not be $24 million but at this point, we aren’t picky. 

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