If you were looking to make a little bit of extra money in the run up to Christmas, look no further. Elections Canada is now hiring across several positions for Canada’s 2019 federal election, and there is some serious money to be made! From information officers and ballot handlers to general poll workers, there is pretty much something on the table for everyone.

With Canada’s federal election now less than two weeks away, Elections Canada is hiring across a range of positions, with several different opportunities available. The majority of positions are based in Canada’s polling stations, where locals will head to vote on and around October 21.

According to the Elections Canada website, positions range from roles like the deputy returning officer, who handles the ballots, to the information officer, who escorts and directs electors to the appropriate table. Poll workers are there on the front line, to make it possible for electors to vote in an orderly fashion.

For the majority of the positions, the main requirements are that the applicant is over 16 years old, is a Canadian citizen, and has the ability to be tactful, polite, and discreet.

The pay scale varies depending on the Elections Canada position described, but some advanced positions offer up to $247.50 per day! Others offer around $15 per hour, meaning that they pay more than the country’s average minimum wage.

The job vacancies do have a list of "‘special requirements" and "core competencies" that are necessary for all of the positions. These include basic literacy skills (reading and writing), basic interpersonal skills, ability to perform repetitive tasks, and ability to learn quickly.

The Elections Canada website does note that some of their positions will require staff to stand for long periods of time, stand or sit close to exterior doors where there could be bad weather, complete detailed forms and paperwork with legible handwriting and count ballots using basic arithmetic skills.

There are also available positions country-wide, so it's worth taking a look if there are vacancies near you!

Full details and descriptions of all the positions available can be viewed on the Elections Canada website

Canadians will head to the polls to vote in less than two weeks on October 21.

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