Canadians are getting back to work. If you're on the job hunt, there are actually a lot of positions available right now for young people. The Canada Summer Jobs program has openings all the time, and these new ones pay more than minimum wage.

As parts of the country start to reopen, the rate of unemployment is going down.

For the month of June, Statistics Canada reported that almost one million jobs were added across the country.

Each province saw increases in employment with the most in Ontario and Quebec, yet all three territories still saw declines.

With the Canada Summer Jobs program, students between 15 and 35 years old can find part-time and full-time work for the season.

For some of the positions, you actually need any qualifications at all!

Applications opened up back in May, and now there are more than 30,000 positions in the job bank just waiting for you to apply for them.

There are options from coast to coast to coast, and in so many different sectors. You can work at a donut shop or a museum, or become a lifeguard or a travel guide.

Here are 11 jobs from the program that pay more than minimum wage. Grab a pen a paper, ASAP!

Pharmacy Techincal Assitant

Salary: $14/hour

Company: Metropolitan Dispensary

Why You Should Apply: This place offers low-cost medications for low-income people who are struggling to afford their prescriptions. There are three jobs up for grabs at this Halifax dispensary, and you can get paid more than the province's $12.55 minimum wage.

Apply Here

Museum Technician

Salary: $16/hour

Company: Bonnyville and District Historical Society

Why You Should Apply: History buffs, this one is for you! The historical society has two vacancies for this job and you only have to work 17.5 hours a week. Plus, the pay is a dollar more than the minimum wage in Alberta.

Apply Here

Recreational Programs Co-ordinator

Salary: $16/hour

Company: Stratford Perth Humane Society

Why You Should Apply: For 35 hours a week, you can help out some furry friends in need and get paid more than minimum wage. You would be co-ordinating recreational programs with the humane society and be surrounded by pets all day.

Apply Here

Travel Guide

Salary: $13.70/hour

Company: Parc de la Riviere-des-Mille-Iles

Why You Should Apply: This job pays only slightly more than minimum wage, but it's still a pretty good deal. You'd be working in a protected wildlife area in Laval, Quebec. To fill one of the four vacancies, you need to speak French.

Apply Here

Donut Shop Attendant

Salary: $16/hour

Company: The Donut People

Why You Should Apply: Now this is a sweet job. You can work at this shop in Medicine Hat, Alberta, that makes gourmet mini donuts and soft-serve ice cream. You can even find summertime favourite, the Dole whip, here.

Apply Here

Greenhouse Operator

Salary: $18/hour

Company: Arctic Farmer

Why You Should Apply: This landscaping and nursery business  in Yellowknife is looking for two people to work at its greenhouse full-time this summer. All you need is a high school education to help take care of all the beautiful plants, and you'll get almost $5 more per hour than minimum wage.

Apply Here

Camp Leader

Salary: $18/hour

Company: Jays Care Foundation

Why You Should Apply: The Jays Care Foundation is the charitable branch of the Toronto Blue Jays. There are two camp leader vacancies that require 35 hours of work a week and a high school education. You'd be helping children with sports and activities. 

Apply Here

Festival Organizer

Salary: $21/hour

Company: Ontario Culture Days

Why You Should Apply: This is a lot of money! For 35 hours a week, you can help organize the event that helps people discover arts and culture across Ontario. This year, events will have online aspects due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Apply Here

Gymnastics Instructor

Salary: $17/hour

Company: Yellowknife Gymnastics Club

Why You Should Apply: There are four positions available at this club if you're into gymnastics. These are seasonal positions and you don't need any specific qualifications to get the job. The position requires 40 hours per week.

Apply Here

Food and Beverage Server

Salary: $12/hour

Company: Tall Tom's Lemonade

Why You Should Apply: When life gives you lemons, right? Tall Tom's Lemonade is looking for someone to serve hungry and thirsty customers gelato, kettle corn, chicken and, of course, lemonade. Plus, this spot is in a great location right by the water in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

Apply Here


Salary: $25/hour

Company: Centre du Lac Pouce

Why You Should Apply: For 35 hours a week, you'll be working to make sure people are safe on the water. While there is no education required for this job, you need to speak French to get it.

Apply Here

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