One of the most important things for any post-secondary student is finding work when school's out. With everything going on now, that's even more of a concern. Luckily, there are Canadian Coast Guard Jobs available next summer for people enrolled in university.

Applications are now being accepted for student positions in the Inshore Rescue Boat program for summer 2021. The stations are located across the country, so young Canadians from coast to coast have the opportunity to apply.

On top of the experience, you can gain from such a unique summer job, the hourly pay can also be as high as $24 an hour.

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What is the job?

Working in the Inshore Boat Rescue program gives students the opportunity to take part in some of the duties of the Canadian Coast Guard.

Successful applicants start their position with 16 days of paid training, in which they'll learn things like boat handling, coastal navigation, and search and rescue techniques.

Once the training is complete, new recruits will take part in responding to mariners who are in danger or distress. That includes helping people whose boats are on fire, capsized, or taking on water.

Participants will also respond to medical emergencies and instances where people have gone overboard, as well as providing public education on boating safety topics.

How much does it pay?

Post-secondary student rates of pay are determined by the department, but according to the Government of Canada website, the hourly rate for university undergraduates can range from $16.49 to $24.77 an hour.

The pay range for college or CEGEP pre-university students is slightly lower, going from $15.40 to $20.62 hourly.

The number of hours ensures a pretty solid summer salary either way. Participants are scheduled through a 46.6-hour averaging work system. However, the nature of the job means you may work extra.

Each recruit is on a 14-day schedule, meaning they are on duty for two weeks straight. After this period, they get two weeks off.

Who can apply?

Only post-secondary students who are returning to their studies in the fall can apply, and they have until December 21 to get their applications in.

People who are interested in the position must get government security clearance and pass a Health Canada medical clearance. Both of these are completed after the interview process.

There are, however, some strict requirements for applicants to the program. First, they must have a driver's license with no restrictions.

They also need to have a standard first-aid certificate and CPR level C, a valid boating license, and a Radio Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime). Luckily, these can all be obtained through online courses.

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