That’s an expensive piece of gold! A mega-valuable Canadian coin was stolen in Germany and Berlin police are raiding homes and jewelry shops in an attempt to find it.

The 100-kilogram gold coin is worth millions of dollars, according to CBC News, and was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum back in 2017.

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$5.82 million

The missing coin's value

In an attempt to recover the still-missing coin, local police set upon a number of residential and business properties on Wednesday morning.

All were believed to have a connection to the missing Canadian piece.

The early-morning raids were reportedly focused on eight suspects aged between 14 and 51, of multiple nationalities.

While the multi-million dollar item itself was not found, police say they did retrieve evidence of counterfeit coins, forgery tools and a significant amount of cash.

Officials say the suspects may be involved in a scheme that melts down stolen gold to forge collector coins, which are then sold as genuine via jewelry stores owned by the same family.

Some related counterfeits are already believed to be circulating.

No arrests have been made yet, per CBC News, but police say the “evaluation of the evidence is ongoing.”

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