If you are one of Ontario's frontline workers, you may be eligible for some extra cash. The Ontario government has announced that eligible staff who work over 100 hours a month will be able to receive four payments of $250 over the course of 16 weeks. Ontario's essential worker bonus will last until August 13, which is the last day of the final pay period. 

According to the government's website, there are four pay periods in total. The first one is from April 24 to May 21.

If you work at least 100 hours in the designated four week period, you get an extra $250 for that month.

The total amount you could make would be up to $1,000 total over the four-month span.

However, how these lump sums will be made is still unclear.  

Their website admits that "we are still working out how lump sum payments will be made." 

Yet, the government will be providing more info on how the payments will be sent on May 15, they informed Narcity in an email.

It is still unclear if frontline workers will receive their first bonus by the end of the first pay period on May 21. 


"The government is finalizing the implementation details for accessing the lump sum payments for those staff who are eligible," Sebastian Skamski, press secretary for the Office of the President of the Treasury Board told Narcity.  

"Eligible employers will be contacted by May 15 and we will update Ontario.ca/PandemicPay with new information as it is available."

Some frontline workers have also received hourly pay raises of $4 an hour in Ontario for the temporary pandemic pay increase. 

Frontline workers were able to receive their pay raise automatically through their employer, and it was added on top of their base wage, according to the website

While the list of who is eligible in lengthy, it includes staff such as nurses, personal support workers, paramedics. 

On top of that, staff such as cooks, custodians and housekeeping are also eligible if they work at an essential frontline service. 

Each province has it's own wage bonus for frontline workers, with different processes for claiming the money. 

In Quebec, frontline workers are receiving weekly bonuses of $100 that amount up to $1,600 over four months. 

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