A number of Canadians have plenty of time on their hands but might be running low on funds. For anyone who is looking to make some money during this time, there are plenty of security guard jobs in Canada. One company is looking to fill thousands of positions.

In an April 22 press release, Securitas Canada announced that it would be hiring thousands of security guards across Canada to keep up with demand.

There are full and part-time openings in both temporary and permanent positions. 

The company is encouraging anyone who might have lost their regular employment during this time to apply, as the need for guards across Canada is growing.

The company currently has openings, which are posted on its website, across the country, including in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta. 

A guard working for Securitas will be required to observe and report any activities or incidents at their site, as well as preserve order, control access to the site, and even provide customer service.

Applicants should be prepared for all of the physical requirements that a security job entails. 

They should also meet any licensing requirements that are necessary for the job and be available for all shifts, including nights and weekends.

Currently, there are a number of businesses and essential services that require extra security. These include hospitals and clinics. 

Shoppers might have even seen increased security presence at both pharmacies and grocery stores too.

"What we're facing today, with the COVID-19 crisis, is clearly unprecedented," John Campbell, President of Securitas Canada said in a statement, where he also referred to security as "an essential industry."

"Securitas is committed to helping our clients, both current and new, maintain the safety of their people and properties."

There have been a number of businesses that have been hiring during this time. Both Walmart and Dollarama hired thousands of new employees to keep up with demands both in their stores and warehouses.

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