Is your budget feeling a tad tight after a summer of adventuring around the GTA? You're not alone. If you aren't keen to rush back into a traditional work environment, allow us to suggest something slightly better. These Toronto companies are hiring for people to spend time with animals! 

Does that even count as work?

If that sounds like something that would interest you, we've compiled a list of seven Toronto companies that are hiring for animal care positions. 

As if these positions could get any better, right? Wrong!

None of these positions require any previous experience in professional animal handling, so this could be your foot in the door of an animal-related career!

There's a variety of positions included in this list, from pet store attendant, to assistant pet groomer, to what is just described as "dog lover."

So you're pretty much guaranteed to find something that piques your interest — we're pawsitive of it. 

All the workplaces listed are located within the GTA, so as long as you have access to transit, you should be able to commute to any of them. 

So, if you're furry excited about the idea, here are seven jobs where all you'll be doing is hanging out with fluffy friends. 

Dog Shuttle Driver

Salary: $15 to $17 an hour

Company: UberDogs Inc. 

Why You Should Apply: This position is part-time, so it's ideal for someone who isn't looking to jump back into the workforce full-time but would still like to spend some time with dogs.

Apply Here

Pet Grooming Assistant 

Salary: $15 to $18 an hour

Company: Glamour Pet Salon

Why You Should Apply: You can't tell us you don't want to spend your day making dogs look cuter than they already do! We simply won't believe you. 

Apply Here

Pet Shop Assistant 

Salary: Up to $15 an hour

Company: Marta's Pet Shop

Why You Should Apply: This is a full-time position, so if you're looking for a steady cash flow with a Monday-to-Friday, 9-5 gig, this would be perfect for you. Plus, you get a store discount! 

Apply Here

Kennel Assistant 

Salary: Up to $16 an hour

Company: Trims by Twins

Why You Should Apply: This position deals with all kinds of animals — not just dogs — so if you're a jack of all trades when it comes to loving animals, this may be the role for you. It's alos part-time, so you'll still have lots of free time, which you can spend, we don't know, playing with animals at hoem instead.

Apply Here

Pet Hotel Associate 

Salary: TBD

Company: Petsmart

Why You Should Apply: In this position, you can grow two different skill sets: customer service and animal care! You also get to spend your nights cuddling other people's sleepy pets. 

Apply Here

Dog Lover 

Salary: N/A

Company: Pack of Paws 

Why You Should Apply: Your job in this position would be to "monitor dogs' play." That's basically what we do at home anyway, so do we need to say more? 

Apply Here

Livestock Assistant 

Salary: Up to $16 an hour

Company: Big Al's Aquarium Services

Why You Should Apply: Perhaps furry friends are not your forte. Maybe you're looking for something that slithers? Come attend to fish and hobby pets at Big Al's! 

Apply Here


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