Have you ever dreamed of working for the Toronto Raptors? Well, now you can! A new Wayne Embry Fellowship, named after the legendary American basketball player, is offering one lucky Canadian the chance to work alongside the NBA champion and "gain firsthand experience" in a professional basketball environment. All you have to do is have the courage to apply.

To apply for the exciting fellowship, you'll need to submit three things, a formal resume, an online application, and a two-minute video of yourself.

Your video submission is all about demonstrating your personal commitment to basketball and highlighting what makes you "uniquely qualified" for the position.

It's also worth noting that you'll have to apply by February 29, 2020, at the latest to be considered for the 2020-21 position. So, if you're a constant procrastinator, now is the time to sit down and get self-motivated.

"The fellowship consists of rotations to provide growth of knowledge and experience in all facets of an NBA basketball team," reads a description of the job on NBA.com.

"These include coaching, scouting, team services, player development, medical, financial, equipment, travel, and G-League. Each rotation will include a mentor and specific responsibilities in order to learn the role that each department plays within an NBA organization."

If you're wondering what exactly you're going to be in store for if you get accepted, you should check out the fellowship's official Instagram, which gives sneak peek into all the cool activities you'll be doing.

The 2018-19 fellowship winner, Yolam Anderson-Golhor, had quite the journey last year. She even got to take part in the celebration of the team's stunning rise to NBA champions.


Also, if you're wondering if this fellowship is an entirely unpaid internship, it is not.

The chosen fellow is awarded $30,000, which is paid out semi-monthly. The fellowship begins on July 2, 2020. So, you've still got some time to prepare yourself if you are selected for the program.

However, if basketball isn't your thing, there a variety of other jobs that you can apply to for this summer. 

Ontario is offering over 70 positions to students across the province. 

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