It's not every day that you find out that you just became a millionaire. It's even less likely to find out as you're sitting on the toilet. However, Tibor Tusnady from White Rock, B.C., did just that when he scrolled through his phone to find out he had bought the willing numbers for B.C. Lotto 6/49. Tusnady literally walked out of the washroom $16.5 million richer. 

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation explained how the situation went down to Narcity in an email. 

As of April 16, Lotto 6/49 was still looking for their winner as the ticket was left unclaimed at the time. 

Nearly a week later on Thursday, April 23, BCLC revealed the not only had they found their winner, but the winner also came to know about his enormous jackpot through a good old scrolling session on the toilet. 

"I Googled the numbers,” said Tusnady. “I took my ticket out and checked and just went blank. I tried to take a deep breath, let it register, and went back and checked again and again.”

Tusnady has bought his ticket in a gas station in Surrey, so it's probably time that we all start taking inventory of our gas station purchases. 

The moment of realization shocked Tusnady to such an extent that he didn't tell anyone about his winnings until the next day. 


Sometimes you do need a minute or two to process life-changing events, after all.

After getting the news, he walked out of the washroom, watched television, and just fell asleep, according to CTV News

Eventually Tusnady, a retired pharmacist, couldn't keep the news to himself for any longer. Soon he told his partner. 

"The next day, after lunch, I held her hand and said "Look, I have something to tell you and I don’t want anything to change with us." said Tusnady. 

Tusnady and his wife spent the next day video-chatting with relatives in Canada and Hungary. They even shared a toast with champagne. 

With over $16 million in the bank, we're thinking Tusnady and his family will have a lot of champagne toasts in the near future. 

When asked what he plans to do with his newfound riches, he said he's got travel on his mind. However, he's waiting for the pandemic to ease up before he can make any plans. 

Tusnady has said that his wife is going to be the one to pick the first travel destination

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