Prepared to get your hands dirty? The Government of Canada is hiring for coast guard jobs right now, one of which includes setting sail as a cook. The position pays up to $55,000. 

The job is up for grabs for anyone ready to take to the sea with Coast Guard Canada.

However, to be considered at the top of the list for the task you may need to be familiar with working at sea and in a marine environment.

The deadline to apply is December 31st, 2020.

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Your duties will include providing input to the Chief Cook in planning and modifying recipes to suit the dietary and special needs of passengers and crew.

In addition, you'd be assisting in storing food and maintenance of the galley and its equipment, ensuring a high standard of food safety and sanitation throughout the galley and more.

The candidate will also have to participate in shipboard emergency and safety drills, firefighting, abandoning ship, man overboard, damage control and other operations related to rescue.

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