We are well into 2020 and if you still haven’t changed your career like you know you want to, now might be your chance. According to a press release, Shopify is opening in Vancouver and they are hiring 1,000 new employees. The massive spot is set to open this year and they are hiring literally every position.  If you're after Shopify jobs, Vancouver is about to have a ton.

New year, new you. 

What better way to start a new year off on a positive foot than with a new job?

Thankfully for us, Vancouver's job market is expanding so quickly and because of this, tons of positions are needing to be filled. 

One of the most recent hiring sprees is coming from the hands of Shopify. 

For those of you that don’t know, Shopify powers over 1,000,000 businesses across the world through their all-in-one commerce platform. 

Due to the business's growth, Shopify has announced that it will be opening up a massive Vancouver branch and they need to hire 1,000 people to get it off the ground and running. 

When we say this space will be huge, they really mean it.

According to a press release posted by Shopify, this Vancouver location will be the first permanent one in the city. 

The company stated that they already support hundreds of employees who work remotely in the province but now they are taking things a step further and opening a facility this year. 

Set to open at the end of 2020, the company now has its sights set on hiring 1,000 new employees to open the office located at Bentall Centre, Tower 4. 

Altogether, the space will take up four floors and will consist of over 70,000 square feet of downtown Vancouver real estate. 

The wonderful part is that they will be hiring so many different types of potions. 

Their website states that they will be looking for “backend developers, data engineers, mobile developers, web developers, product designers, and product managers.”

As of now, there are no job postings on the Shopify website for Vancouver; but keep looking as it's still early.

Vancouver is a massive hub for all growing businesses. Even Mastercard is hiring over 380 employees for their new outlet in the city. 

With Vancouverites coming up with new inventions like designer litter boxes, there may be more openings like this in the future. 

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