Savy hustlers have always known they can get a big paycheque if they work for Elections BC for just one day, but this year that cheque will be bigger than ever. 

Elections BC told Narcity that this year's wages are higher partly due to the "additional responsibilities associated with the pandemic."

Voting Officers will now have to make sure physical distancing is happening and do routine sanitizing in addition to their other duties.

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You can apply now to be a voting officer online, and while there are important skills associated with the job like the ability to be non-partisan, it's actually quite easy.

Since voting places aren't considered "events," they are not subject to the current 50-person cap that Dr. Bonnie Henry has ordered for B.C.

Still, they will have capacity limits in place at places of voting and people will have to line up outside if they reach capacity. 

A rep for Elections BC said that a "good analogy is that the voting process will be similar to getting a takeout coffee."

They need 25,000 people for 2020's provincial election in B.C., so if you're free on election day, October 24, why not lend a hand to the democratic process? 



Voting Officer

Salary: Around $320, plus some paid training

Company: Elections BC

Why You Should Apply: Have some free time on election day? Why not make a paycheque while you're at it.

Apply Here



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