Getting in shape is indeed a lot of dedication, and it seldom comes with free passes like you get in cereal boxes for the movie theater. In fact, training is not that big of a deal once you really get into it. It really IS all about getting your ass out of the bed and going to your training environment. I mean, yeah... Running is not that easy and man, those bars are heavy but hey-- once you're there, everything seems is more fun. Now, here figures a mash-up of all the worst excuses to stay home and zap some Netflix with pizza and cookies instead of becoming freaking hot.

1 - My today meals were almost perfectly calculated so no need

...Then what's the point? You still ate calories you need to burn if you want to lose weight and tone. Same goes for gaining weight. You need to make good use of those carbs unless fat is your objective. Eating well is truly important and should never be neglected but so is the physical activities. In fact, saying that your meals were amazingly prepared should be an additional reason to get out there and destroy the elliptical.

2 - I feel fat today

Training will probably makes you look fatter... right? We all have those days where we literally wake up fit. Maybe out of luck? Whatever reason, imagine having this amazing morning every single morning. Everyone training in a gym is not a magazine cover model. Stop comparing anyway, you're amazing and it's time to show it.

3 - I have no time

Schedule your stuff then. It doesn't mean to stop doing what you like and sleep less. In fact, you probably need to sleep more like every single person on this blog. But seriously, it's not that hard. A date with dumbbells might sound boring but believe me, it's A LOT better than a date with a dumbperson.

4 - Dunno what to do

You probably have friends who train. Most of the time, they might even be flattered by you asking them for help. And guess what? You're on a fitness blog *wink* *wink*!

5 - No gym clothes

Don't go and buy this 340$ pair of shorts... You can wear pretty much anything that is not a pair of jeans. An old shirt can become a training shirt. Now don't get impressed by everyone at the gym with a ridiculously good looking outfit, you'll get one yourself one day. That's not what will get you fit.

6 - I can't pay for it

Econofitness by Energie Cardio. 10$ / month. Enough said. Otherwise, there are plenty of gyms that offer cheap memberships without spas and golden 45lbs plates.

7 - Training is boring

I can't stress this enough ; there are so many possibilities. We're talking about hundreds of ways to get in shape. And even there, there are hundreds of ways of training a single muscle. If you dare tell me that no one of them are interesting and fun, I will most likely ask you to stay after school and write a copy of all the exercises you tried.

8 - I'll double the effort next time

That's even worse than skipping. Over-training can and will most likely give you good reasons to not train and rest. Getting hurt and fed up are common symptoms of doubling the effort. That doesn't mean you shouldn't get beyond yourself. Just don't try to squeeze two training days into one.

9 - Carried boxes at work today

And I bet you used a squat posture to lift them above your head, curled them isolating your biceps to place them on the upper rack and deadlifted them from the ground to the lower stacks of your backstore.

10 - I don't want to be healthy and get super hot as well

Then you should probably stay home.

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