Sexdrive is for many a pure mystery. Desire, love and physical attraction is misunderstood and not yet fully well-comprehended. Lots of studies are about these previous subjects where most of them try to figure out how all of this is happening and why. While we do not in fact know the whys and the hows of the act, we do know most people enjoy it. I mean, this is how we survive. Reproduction through sexual intercourse is an animal innate behaviour, unless reproducing via parthenogenesis which is not the case for us folks human beings. Actually, we are amongst the very few living beings sharing orgasms for pleasure; not for carrying on the species.

Food and bed stuff

Some researches proved that some food intake could boost your sexdrive, and it's not all wrong. Even though the food itself won't make you grind on the sink, it will indeed help your blood circulate better. In order to rev up your sex life, only eating black raspberries and figs will not make a difference, especially if you're the only one having these. The best cocktail for sexdrive is testosterone, endorphins and adrenaline. Never will you guess where you can make this amazing mix so put your shoes on, pack your gym bag and start blending.

Effects of training

Going to the gym is proven to be one of the most effective way of getting things more interesting with your intimate partner. That, or Lil Wayne. Whatever.

Besides, it is no hardcore science that a higher testosterone level in males increases their sexdrive. As for women, endorphins ups-and-downs are the culprits of many, many random arousals. In addition, endorphins interact with receptors in your brain which cause pain to be less perceptible. It triggers a "good feeling" for your body. As people finish working out, they feel a "high" often represented as "euphoria". Yes, endorphins are a drug, and the best dealer you can find is yourself.

Stress is a self-turn-off

Being super zen helps a lot when it comes to sexual acts and physical training makes you a lot more relaxed. As mentioned earlier, endorphins also reduce your stress level quite a bit. Actually, a lot. It has been proven that training while depressed will make you feel a lot better, even if it doesn't solve your problems, if will indirectly make you more positive about it, thus less moody.

Training helps regulate your hormones too. You know, this weird stuff that makes guys want to hump chairs and woman destroy everything? Yeah. Regulating these are often desirable.

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Circle of life

Naaaaaaaaaaaants ingonayaaaaaama bagithi baba

Lifting and running lower your blood pressure and helps your circulation. You know, blood circulation has a lot to do with sexual arousal and bed performance. Now think about if, you burn calories while having sex, you release even more hormones like testosterone or oestrogens, orgasms release stress also. Am I therefore saying that having sex is actually good for training?



Listen up, girls and guys. If you're a man, train those legs. If you're a woman, tell your man to train legs. You won't believe it (and boy, you'll never want to lose those wonderbuns).

Certain exercises will affect your sexdrive a lot more than other exercises. Full squats are probably what will make your testosterone level overflow. Just imagine how many muscle fibers are needed to make these squats movements. If you haven't already noticed, leg day is also often leg night. Catch the drift?

Other compound movements and full-body workouts will also make a huge difference when it comes to sexdrive. We're talking about

  • Shoulder press
  • Bench press
  • Deadlift
  • Lunges

Always remember though, over-training is a humongous libido killer and should never be an option. Why? Because of this.

Mirror mirror, tell me who's the most beautiful in the world?

You are. I mean, haven't you looked at yourself after a gym session? You're gorgeous! Sweaty but gorgeous. This is a huge boost of self-confidence. It's also in everybody else's eyes. Training makes you feel better about yourself, more beautiful, hotter. Naturally, it makes you want to share it with the person you love, the one you desire most.

Also flexibility makes everything better, but that won't be part of this article ;)

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