A state of emergency is still in effect and tragically one person has died in the Quebec floods this weekend. In the town of Pontiac, Quebec, located on the Ottawa River, and just west of Ottawa, a motorist has died as a result of rising flood waters. 

The woman, whose identity hasn't yet been released by police, was driving her car in Pontiac when her car fell into a massive hole created by the flood, according to the town's mayor Johanne Labadie. 

The road she was driving on had been washed out by rising waters in a nearby creek and a chunk of the road was actually destroyed leaving a massive hole. The fatal accident occurred earlier this morning when the woman's car fell into that hole and surrounding creek. 

This is the first death to be caused by the flooding this year in Quebec, which has prompted a state of emergency. Pontiac and two other municipalities, Val-des-Monts and Saint-André-Avellin, have all declared a state of emergency due to the flooding. 

This allows them to quickly call for provincial or federal help or resources if needed. For example, the military could be called in to assist, which is the case in Quebec right now. 

Yesterday afternoon, the province of Quebec requested assistance from the federal government as they tackled the flooding. 

In their announcement, the Quebec security minister, Geneviève Guilbault said, "We are seeking the assistance of Canadian Armed Forces to support emergency response efforts in all affected regions."

Canadian safety minister, Ralph Goodale agreed to offer this help and in a recent statement, the Department of National Defence said: "the CAF has an Immediate Response Unit on standby to quickly deploy to assist Canadians."

Even as the rain begins to subside along the Ottawa River, the waters will still continue to rise. Experts in Quebec warn that warmer temperatures this weekend are causing snow to melt in the river areas, making the flood waters rise even higher. 

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