If you've ever hit the road in Alberta before, you've probably noticed a few things that stand out. Whether you're visiting the province or you've lived here for years, everyone can agree that driving in Alberta is, well, unique. From the volatile weather creating unpredictable road conditions to the characters you can expect to see on the road, these Alberta driving memes sum up the experience in a humorously tragic way.

The second you roll into Alberta, you'll notice a few key things. Firstly, everyone has trucks, there are trucks everywhere you look, and many of said trucks are lifted and somehow upgraded.

What you'll also spot is a lot of towing. People tow their boats, snowmobiles, quads, trailers, other vehicles, and the list goes on. Beyond the types of vehicles you'll see on the road, you'll also begin to recognize some driving trends.

For example, Albertans are known for tail gaiting, for making bold driving moves, for parking like they don't give a care, and other such behaviours you adopt in a province where the weather and road construction encourage you to get a little creative.

With both Calgary and Edmonton developing their own brands of Alberta drivers and mother nature slapping the two cities with horrific driving conditions during the winter, you can only imagine the memes that have emerged over the years.

We've rounded up a few for your viewing pleasure.

What Hail Damage?

We are no strangers to big old hail storms in this province. When those storms hit, our cars are usually the victims.

Yield, Merge, What's The Difference?

It's not unusual to come across drivers who feel like "Yield" is more of a suggestion than a demand.

10-Year Challenge, Edmonton Edition

Oh, Alberta, the land of ever-lasting construction. We can't wait to see the next batch of 10-year challenges.

Everything's Better Lifted

Did someone say truck? Sorry, Elon, Alberta went ahead and pimped your ride the only way we know how.

Four-Way Stops: Not As Easy As They Look

Whoever is in the biggest rush goes first. That's the rule, right?

When Gas Prices Are Too High

When you just can't trust the fluctuating gas prices anymore, you hop on your old trusty steed.

The Most Versatile Excuse

This one is dedicated to you, Calgary.

Sorry Not Sorry

Albertans have been through a lot on the roads and you know what, we're not sorry.

Big Truck Energy

It's all about believing in yourself and your vehicle to get the job done.

You've Gotta Love A Lux Truck

Albertans like to get dressed up and hit the town from time to time, too.

When You're Fancy And You Love Activites

You know what they say: find yourself an Albertan who can do both.

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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