Everybody loves to order things that cost them nothing. As it turns out, there are a lot of free things from the Canadian Government that you can get your hands on. All you have to do is ask!

There are a number of items up for grabs from the officials in Ottawa, all you have to do is put in the proper request.

These could be something fun like a temporary tattoo, or something to wear on your lapel like a patriotic flag pin.

Other stuff is great for educational purposes and includes things like flag posters or a copy of the charter of rights and freedoms. 

You might think that the government wouldn't want to just hand out these items to anyone who puts in a polite request, but you would be wrong. Do you want miniature flags? Just let them know how many. It's as simple as that (plus providing your shipping address).

Some items might be harder to take advantage of, however.

In some cases, you might end up in a very, very long line or even have to take a trip to Ottawa to take advantage of one of these freebies.

Still, it's worth it to know that if you want to deck out your classroom, or even just a room of your house with tons of Canadiana, you can do it without paying a cent.

Flag Sticker

Stick it on your car, computer, window, or any other surface that is adhesive-friendly!

You can order these from the government at this website. Just select "Canada Day - July 1" as your event.

Photo Of The Queen

Wait, you don't have a portrait of the queen in your house?

You can download and print an official one for free by visiting this website

Coat Of Arms Poster

Lion? Check. Union Jack? Check. Fleur-de-lis? Check. Unicorn? Check. Our coat of arms basically has it all.

You can get it in poster form here by choosing "Coat of Arms of Canada."

Maple Leaf Temporary Tattoo

Relax, it's temporary. Go ahead and put that tattoo on your face!

You can order a bunch of these here by selecting "Canada Day - July 1."

Guided Tour Of Parliament

If you need something to do while you're in Ottawa but you're saving your cash for a nice dinner, check out the Parliament tours, which are always free.

Peace Tower flag

The good news is you can order a flag that has been flown on the Peace Tower (and elsewhere on Parliament Hill) for free!

The bad news is you'll be waiting around 100 years to get it.

Booklet On Flag Etiquette

So you've waited a century and now you have your flag. How do you take care of it? By following the steps in your free booklet on flag etiquette, which you can request here under "National Flag of Canada."

Miniature Canadian Flags

While you're waiting for your Peace Tower flag, you can at least pick up a whole bunch of miniature Canadian banners. You can order 1 or 100 by going to this site and picking "Canada Day – July 1."

A Credit Report

Technically you're ordering it from a third party, but the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada provides all of the steps and advice for checking your credit score (which is pretty important).

A Copy Of The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

Know your rights (and freedoms) with your own handy copy of the Charter. Order one here for free under "Human rights."

A Congratulatory Message From The Prime Minister

If you know someone celebrating their 65th birthday or 25-year anniversary, you can get them a special congratulatory certificate from the Prime Minister. It's totally free (and pretty cool)!

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