As the election nears, people across the country are getting ready to vote and they're opening up about election issues. Ontario is such a key battleground and what people there are concerned about can play a huge role in an election. Here's what Brampton voters want to say to the party leaders in Canada's federal election.

We've been asking locals across all major cities in Canada what they want to say to Canada's next prime minister. So far, we've talked with locals in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and more.

To find out what is on the minds of voters in Ontario leading up to the federal election on October 21, Narcity took to the streets of Brampton to chat with locals. While some people weren't willing to open up about politics, those who were willing to talk definitely have a lot to say. 

Narcity talked to voters about the election, how they're feeling and what issues are the most important to them. We found out 11 burning questions that Bramptonians want to ask Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May.

In conversation with people from Brampton, something that came up a lot was the future, especially in regards to money and the environment. Talking to people made it clear that taxes and climate change are top of mind during 2019 elections. People were also concerned about equality, immigration, health care and students. 

Fix Immigration Policies In Canada

Tariq Jaml, 39, Brampton, ON. Canadian Pacific Railway employee. 

"The planning the government is doing for refugees doesn't actually help them to be successful in the community here. We pay taxes, a lot of taxes, every month and our money goes to other people and it's not fair. The entire social services program in Canada needs to be revamped. Under the Stephen Harper government, I would've had to wait six years to become a citizen and when Justin Trudeau came in I got it three years earlier than that. But it makes sense, you should work hard to become a citizen. I want the next Prime Minister to just leave me alone. What are you going to do about taxes? Don't take my money."

All Politicians Are The Same 

Roxanne Jaml, 37, Brampton, ON. Vice-principal. 

"My perception of politics is that all politicians do the same thing, it's just all under a differently painted canvas. How they design it is unique. I know that they're all pretty much going to do the same thing but what's the most important to me is the way that we're perceived globally. We've lived overseas and I've seen the differences between how Canadians and Americans are treated. I would ask the leaders, what's your plan for making immigration policies more fair for everyone? From the next Prime Minister, more than anything, I want equality."

Sick Canadians Need Better Health Care

Jo-Anna Armocida, 34, Brampton, ON. Clerical support associate. 

"Health care is the most important issue during this election because I am someone who suffers from a chronic issue and it's been difficult to get funding for medications and services. I don't think there's a connection on a personal level with politicians. I would ask the leaders, 'Where are you getting all this money from to fulfill campaign promises?' and 'How are you going to implement your ideas without raising taxes?' There are a lot of good ideas from all the parties. And it would be interesting to ask all the leaders if their party didn't exist, 'What party would they vote for out of the remaining ones?'"

Set A New Standard for Fixing Climate Change

Pat Baybayan, 22, Brampton, ON. Student. 

"The most important election issue for me is climate change and the environment because, at this point in time, I firmly believe that it is up to the government to tackle Canada’s environmental issues if we want the general population to take it seriously. The younger generations are extremely concerned about our future and we tolerate a lot less than we did before. I would want to ask the party leaders, 'How serious is the future of the next generation to you?' And accessible education is also a way to ensure a better future. What policies will you put into place to help students pay off their student loans?"

Restore Hope In Young Students

Chelsey Gapour, 22, Brampton, ON. Student. 

"During this election, I am looking for a leader that will recognize the problem that students face on a daily basis, and who will put forth a solution to this issue. So, as a young person, how would I benefit if I were to vote for you and you were to win? There is always the possibility that promises are not fulfilled once a leader is elected."

Put Money Back In My Pocket 

Ryan Leigh, 35, Brampton, ON. Customer service representative.

"For this election, taxes are the most important thing to me, anything that will put more money in my pocket. I don't know how much longer the middle class is even going to exist. Where is the money coming from to get things done? I want the next prime minister's hand out of my pocket. You don't generally think you'd ever get the chance to talk to party leaders or ask them a question but I would like to ask, 'What has been your greatest accomplishment but also your greatest defeat in politics?' I don't envy politicians because they have to appeal to a broad spectrum of people." 

Think About Future Generations And The Planet First

Kayla Moniz, 22. Brampton, ON. Support worker. 

"I'm concerned that people in this world are harming our planet that will impact future generations and continue to have extremely damaging effects on our planet. I do think candidates are making promises to combat climate change which directly affects my future on this planet. I want to ask the leaders, to you what is the most important issue that Canada faces and what will you do to help? I want the Prime Minister to be transparent, honest, and put the needs of Canadians first."

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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