One Ontario man is suffering a devastating loss after he returned home Wednesday night only to discover that his 11 newborn puppies had been stolen. Matthew Wyness, a Sudbury resident claims that the dognapper managed to get inside through the window of his home, before taking all of the furry pets. Now, Wyness is asking for the publics help in locating his puppies. 

Matthew Wyness took to Facebook on Thursday morning to announce the devastating news. In a post that has since gone viral, Wyness claims that someone had broken into his house and stole all 11 of his puppies. In a desperate attempt to get the babies back to their mama, Wyness is offering a $2,000 award for anyone who could give him the location of his pets. 

Wyness told CTV News that the loss of the two-week-old puppies has been hard on the two moms. "The moms are devastated. They've been up all night crying and whining up and down the stairs."

It is believed that the puppies may have been stolen by an individual or group who had already known that they were there. Wyness told CTV that they were already up for sale and were looking for caring homes when they were stolen from their mothers. 

Since the post has gone viral, Canadians are banning together in attempts to help reconnect these stolen puppies with their mothers. While an overwhelming amount of Canadians are showing their support and sympathy in the comments, others have taken it upon themselves to do some digging. 

Many Canadians are commenting on listings of puppies that have been found abandoned in other areas of Ontario. One user even posted a link to a Kitchener-Waterloo article that claimed 10 abandoned puppies were found in a park and were looking for their owner. 

While another Facebook user discovered that 11 newborn puppies were abandoned outside of the North Bay Humane Society.  

However, despite the help of fellow Canadians, neither of these cases managed to help Wyness find his stolen puppies. 

Police are still investigating the issue. They are asking anyone with information, or surveillance footage in the area to come forward. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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