It seems like everyone has latched onto a new internet trend. That would be doing the Dolly Parton challenge. Participants post four photos of themselves that would be included on either LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder profiles. There have already been more than a few Canadian takes.

The challenge began when the legendary country singer posted pictures of herself on Twitter with the message, "Get you a woman who can do it all 😉."

The idea is actually a pretty funny look at how people share different versions of themselves across multiple social media pages. Depending on where you're posting, you want people to see a specific side of you.

The types of images have a wide range. There's the desire to look professional in LinkedIn photos, for example.

However, in Tinder pictures, they're more likely to use one that shows off their (for lack of a better word) assets.

Plenty of people have participated in the challenge, which now has its own hashtag on Twitter. That includes a few major Canadian institutions. Even the RCMP got in on the fun with their own version.

We wanted to take a look at some truly Canadian takes on this unique, inspiring, and hilarious trend!

RCMP's Tinder Pic Is Pretty Tame

Still, the hand heart is pretty adorable.

The Vancouver Art Gallery Has Tickets To Sell

Is this their own challenge or Cindy Sherman's? 

Speaking Of Museums...

Those Tinder bones are giving us weird vibes.

Team Canada Showing All Their Sides

Never let anyone say that our Olympic athletes aren't versatile.

The Barenaked Ladies Have A Member For Each Occasion

Bonus points for somehow getting a Bernie Sanders cameo in there!

The Royal Canadian Navy Goes Retro

These pictures were taken way before the internet was even a thing, so why are they so perfect for each site?

Natural Resources Canada Gets Cutesy

The Instagram mineral has a yoga mat, which is a nice touch.

The Diefenbunker Museum Gets Explosive

Let's just say that Tinder pic is hot (like radiation hot? Get it?).

The NHL Is Looking Out For Tyler Seguin

These are some abs-olutely great photos.

Public Safety Canada Is Only Half Joking

"No but seriously, do you have a first aid kit?"

HBC Reminding You That They Have Things For Sale

"We're a corporation, but we're also hilarious!"

Finally, The Treasury Board Just Gets Lazy

At least they tried?

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