If you ask anyone if they want to earn more money, the answer is almost always going to be a resounding "hell yes!" Unfortunately for Millenials, our beloved gig economy where we have multiple jobs, side hustles and businesses to bring in the cash—it can all make us vulnerable to burn out.

If you want to actually have a weekend and a life outside of your work, then you should consider getting into one of these more traditional jobs! Even though the experience required for getting one of these jobs is pretty low, they offer high salaries with the potential to earn a lot more over the long-term with growth. 

I checked out Indeed to see which jobs had the highest earning potential with the lowest experience necessary to get in the door. Whether you want to work outside in the fresh air, interact with the public or you love working at the office—there's a high paying job on this list that you can definitely do with little to no experience!

Here are 12 of the highest paying jobs you can get in Canada without experience:


Average Salary: up to $120,000 per year

Recruiting is an awesome field to go into if you like meeting people. They find the best candidates for jobs by cruising LinkedIn, helping companies with screening and conducting interviews. Since many of them take a commission or part of the salary of the recruited worker, this has the potential to be a very high paying job! 

Over 5,000 jobs available on Indeed


Average Salary: up to $162,600 per year

Basically, every company that sells stuff needs to have a Shipper, aka Shipper and Receiver. They're in charge of everything coming in and going out. They're really important to the success of any organization and there aren't many requirements for getting in the door, making it a great career track if you're looking to make money without getting a ton of school or certifications.

Over 1,000 jobs available on Indeed


Average Salary: up to $120,000 per year

The sky is the limit when it comes to being a realtor. You do have to pass some exams to get your licence, but the actual experience required for this job is next to nothing. Plus, if you're working in cities like Toronto or Vancouver where real estate prices are bonkers then you'll have seriously high earning potential.

Over 400 jobs available on Indeed


Average Salary: up to $132,000 per year

Looking for a way to serve your community? You can do that as a firefighter! Plus, you're definitely going to pick up a killer firehouse chilli recipe...

Over 24 jobs available on Indeed


Average Salary: up to $71,500 per year

Being outside, working with your hands and making things grow is all part of being a landscaper. The only downside is that it's hard to be a landscaper if you have allergies to dust, grass and pollen!

Over 300 jobs available on Indeed

Transit Driver

Average Salary: up to $112,500 per year

Depending on which city or municipality you're based in, this can be an easy or a difficult job. The good news is that they have awesome salaries and benefits. If you're the good driver of your friend group then you should consider being a bus driver.

Over 500 jobs available on Indeed


Average Salary: up to $90,000 per year

If you can put up with the late nights, loud music and drunk people, then getting a job as a bartender is a great job for earning money. The salary might not be amazing but combined with tips you're bound to pull in lots. Plus, if you work at a place that serves food you can eat for free! 

Over 1,300 jobs available on Indeed


Average Salary: up to $112,100 per year

If you don't mind being glued to your desk and interacting with the public, then getting a job as a receptionist is really easy. This job is perfect for those people who are organized, good problem solvers and love helping people. 

Over 7000 jobs available on Indeed

Construction Worker

Average Salary: up to $110,000 per year

While some construction jobs require training, many of them require little to no experience at all. If you want to work with your hands and you look good in steel-toed boots then this job will help you earn lots in no time.

Over 30,000 jobs on Indeed

Transit Police

Average Salary: up to $142,700 per year

If you are curious about a career in law enforcement, then joining the transit police is a great way to get into the industry and see what it's about. There's not much experience required at all and you'll be helping to keep the public safe!

Over 100 jobs available on Indeed

Warehouse Worker

Average Salary: up to $100,000 per year

There's hardly any experience required to work in a warehouse. If you just need to pay some bills then find a good warehouse job with regular hours and you'll be golden! Who knows? Maybe one day they'll let you drive the forklift!

Over 7,000 jobs available on Indeed

Sales Professional

Average Salary: up to $110,000 per year

Did you have a lemonade stand when you were little? Then that's about the extent of the experience needed to go into sales. As long as you have the right personality for it a job in sales can be very rewarding.

Over 26,000 jobs available on Indeed

Truck Driver

Average Salary: up to $112,500 per year

It's not the most glamorous profession in the world, but it will make you a lot more than a job as a barista! If you never tire of driving and are curious to try it professionally then you should consider going into truck driving before all the trucks become autonomously driven by computers. 

Over 10,000 jobs available on Indeed

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