Back in 2014, an Olympic medal just escaped Brady Leman's grasp at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. But it's a new year another Olympics and Leman just grabbed his first gold medal! Yesterday, Leman proved himself and many others wrong and took first place in the men's ski cross event.

The Alberta born star doubted his skills after placing fourth in Sochi during the last Winter Olympics but now he can proudly say that he is the best of the best! We looked into Leman, not only does he have a gold medal, he travels around the world and his trip to the podium has not been an easy one.

Here are 12 things you didn't know about Brady Leman.  

1. He was an alternate in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

2. Leman was born in Calgary, Alberta and he still lives there!

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3. Leman is 100% off the market. He's dating girlfriend Cath Wood who he's been IG official with since May 2016 (which is pretty damn serious).

4. He's broken his right leg at least 3 times.

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5. Leman and his girlfriend are avid travellers!

6. He began skiing at only 18 months old!

7. He's had a rod surgically implanted in his leg. 

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8. His family loves to go fishing!

9. His nickname is Wombat.

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10. Leman doesn't just ski, he can me found catching a wave on the water as well. 

11. He used to practice at the Canada Olympic Park because his mom worked there! 

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12. And he in the past, has supported men's health by stripping down to his undies! 

Source: Canadian Olympic Team 

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