Depending on how into the holidays you are, you can start celebrating Christmas pretty early on and if you live in a place that has a festive name, then it might be even easier to get into the holiday spirit. These festive places in Canada have such amazing holiday-inspired names that it can feel like December 25 all year long. A visit to some of these places will definitely fill you with holiday cheer.

Canada is home to many places with unique names that range from super weird to stereotypically Canadian and we wouldn't have it any other way.

According to Statistics Canada, the country is all about the 25th, whether it's having fresh-cut trees or sipping on eggnog or having a lot of merrily named places nationwide.

It's not hard to get into the holiday spirit with places like Candyville, Evergreen and Noëlville.

Even though no country actually owns the North Pole, Nunavut is the closest land to it right now. That coupled with so many places across the country having holiday-inspired names, we've got a pretty good claim to all things Christmas.

Here are 13 places in Canada that have the best festive names and will make you want to visit during the holidays just to say you went to Noëlville or Stocking Harbour.

Winterland, Newfoundland & Labrador

Taking a stroll through Winterland in Newfoundland & Labrador during the coldest season is basically like walking in a winter wonderland. This is what holiday songs are made of.

Candyville, Ontario

Who wouldn't want to live somewhere that's named Candyville? When winter rolls around, this place sounds like it could be the location for a Hallmark movie.

Noëlville, Ontario

Does it get any more Christmas-y than somewhere named Noëlville? Plus, this town even has a resident that bears a striking resemblance to Santa Claus.

Reindeer Station, Northwest Territories

In the 1930s, Reindeer Station in Northwest Territories was a town built by the government to farm reindeer. That's so jolly. 

Holly, Ontario

This Ontario town shares a name with a classic decoration and while holly is no mistletoe, this town's name is definitely a Christmas staple.

Garland, Manitoba

In Manitoba, you can find garland decorations and you can also find the town of Garland. Does anybody sell garland in Garland? That would be so meta.

Stocking Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there," according to the Night Before Christmas. 

There's no better place to hang a stocking than in Stocking Harbour.

Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

Cranberries are a staple in some Christmas dinners so why wouldn't there be a place named after the holiday fruit?

Evergreen, Alberta

Noel In Evergreen, anyone? This neighbourhood in Calgary is the perfect spot for a holiday movie.

Chimney Island, Ontario

You might not immediately think that a chimney has anything to do with the holidays but how else would Santa get into homes to give presents? Chimney Island in Ontario is probably where the elves go to work on the magic that lets Santa shimmy down chimneys.

Winter, Saskatchewan 

It isn't always winter in Winter, Saskatchewan but when the season rolls around the landscape matches the name perfectly.

Noel, Nova Scotia

Noel, Nova Scotia is a great name for a place and it gets even greater when the 25th rolls around and it's actually Noel.

Star, Alberta

No Christmas tree would be complete without a star on top and no list of festive names would be complete without Star, Alberta.

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