Maxime Bernier has quite a list of hobbies and interests outside of politics, judging by his Instagram. We wanted to get to know the leader of the People's Party of Canada a little better before election time, so we looked him up to see what Mr. Bernier has got going on when he's not in the office. Here are some 18 Maxime Bernier photos so you can see for yourself. 

First off, he's definitely got personality. Here he is at the Western Festival flaunting some cowboy swag and a seriously trippy shirt.

Here he is at the Calgary Stampede, still rocking the cowboy hat.

He likes baseball, judging by this picture at a Quebec Capitales game: 

He cleans up well. Here he is getting married. Congratulations, Maxime! 

More eccentric cowboy fashion. Where can we get shirts like this?

He needs his Starbucks fix, just like everyone else:

He knows how to ride a horse:

He's not afraid to shout out his significant other on social media:

He's not afraid to rock pink at a football game either:

He's got jokes:

He takes the subway: 

He's not afraid to throw shade at his opponents. More cowboy hats!

He's actually kind of funny:

He's not afraid to go to pride:

He likes to post memes: 

Not afraid to set trends. That white cowboy hat and funky shirt aren't getting retired anytime soon.

He's pro LGBTQ+ rights:

At this point, we're three years deep into his feed so we're going to stop now. Hope you enjoyed!

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