In October 2018, two brothers attempting to cross into the United States from Nova Scotia ended up shutting down the Canadian border for 12 hours in a standoff that affected thousands of travellers. The two young adults were both arrested by Canadian officials and were released just last Friday after announcing that it was all for a terrorist hoax prank.

Their plan was simple. Damien Roy, 22, and Bailey Roy, 21, wanted to see if they would be able to make it to Mexico in an unlicensed car with no identification, and without stopping for gas along the way. Loading their car up with 21 jugs of gasoline and printed out maps, they started their journey.

Damien and Bailey Roy attempted to take back roads throughout New Brunswick with hopes of sneaking into Maine without crossing a checkpoint. However, due to poor navigation skills, they ended up at the biggest border in New Brunswick. When two Canadian officials approached, both the brothers remained quiet and unresponsive.

When the border agents realized that their car was full of gasoline, they quickly contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and closed down the checkpoint.

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The situation escalated fairly quickly, police dogs, SWAT teams and drones all arrived on scene while police tried to ask the two brothers what their intentions were. However, the young men still did not respond. The border was closed from 10 AM on October 26, 2018, to 10 PM, which disrupted many other travellers in line.

Traffic was stopped and travellers were forced to divert to the nearest border that was 100 miles farther than they had planned. This added extra hours onto thousands of travellers journeys that day.

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As an armoured military car approached the two boys in their car, Bailey panicked and threw the car in drive. He sped across the border before he crashed into a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Vehicle. Both brothers were immediately taken into custody before the checkpoint was finally reopened to the public.

Both boys were arrested and spent four months behind bars. They were charged with committing a hoax related to terrorist activity and willfully obstructing peace officers.

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This Friday, Canadian Officials have announced that they have dropped the charges on the boys and have released them from jail. After originally being charged with committing a hoax related to terrorist activity, the sentence was reduced to three months in jail, with credit for time served. Which meant that they were able to be released on Friday.  This was the first time that the information behind the boy's prank was released.

In October, the two boys father spoke out to CTV News, about the incident stating, "They have no respect for law enforcement whatsoever. They go for the reaction,". The father explained that the boys had been getting into trouble since elementary school and often enjoyed spending time on isolation trips.

Source: Washington Post

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