Even if you're not a science nerd, you can't help but admit that space is cool especially when there are multiple celestial events in one month. Two meteor showers will light up skies across Canada next month and it's sure to be a good show. We've got everything you need to know about these fall meteor showers in Canada

The Draconids and the Orionids meteor showers will be visible across Canda in October. You can see the two from almost every major city in Canada including Montreal, Regina, Toronto and Winnipeg to name a few. 

First up is Draconids. This meteor shower goes from Oct. 6 to Oct. 10 and will peak on Oct. 8. But because of a bright moon expected during the peak, viewing might be difficult. 

This particular meteor shower doesn't give off too many meteors, sometimes only five an hour on average, but occasionally it'll put on a spectacular show. You'll just have to watch the sky to find out. 

The best part of this meteor shower is that it isn't one you have to stay up late to watch. The Draconids are visible in the evening hours as soon as nightfall begins. 

The Draconids are best seen from the northern hemisphere so Canada is sure to get the best possible outcome from this meteor shower.

Next up is the Orionids. This meteor shower lasts quite a while, from Oct. 2 to Nov. 7, but its peak isn't until Oct. 21 and 22. This annual celestial event happens when Earth passes through debris left behind by Comet Halley. 

A somewhat bright moon might interrupt viewing but this meteor shower gives off a lot of meteors. Be sure to watch in the hours before dawn because that's when it's most visible. 

You don't need special equipment to watch these meteor showers. As long as you get away from light pollution and allow your eyes to adjust to the dark then you'll be able to see some meteors streak across the sky. 

According to Earth Sky, the most important part of watching meteor showers is ensuring there's a dark sky. And while you might be able to see some meteors from the suburbs, it's best to avoid city lights.

Be sure to check your local weather forecast first, though, because clear skies mean a better chance at seeing meteors. 

There's another meteor shower in November and a couple in December as well. So keep your eyes to the skies for the next couple of months. 

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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