Siblings are often known for doing everything together. However, two Ontario brothers may have taken it too far this week when they both ended up in some trouble after being caught speeding in the same day. As it turns out, one brother was actually ticketed for speeding on his way to pick up the other brother after his car was impounded for stunt driving

According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, on Friday morning an Ontario man was pulled over for stunt driving after he was caught going 174 km/hr on highway 400. The officer that pulled him over was kicking off the Labour Day weekend speed surveillance. 

Due to going well over the speed limit, the driver was charged with street racing, stunt driving and received a 7-day license suspension and vehicle impound. The driver's vehicle was towed and the driver was taken to the impound station. 

Stuck with nowhere to go, the driver ends up calling his kid brother for some sibling love and asked him to pick him up at the impound station. However, it looks like the brothers were double trouble, as sometime later, the same officer who pulled over the first driver for speeding, ended up pulling over the second. 

The second brother was stopped after he was caught speeding at 146 km/hr. While this is not as fast as his daredevil brother, the second brother was a G1 driver, with no accompanying adult. So not only was he speeding, but he was also driving on a prohibited highway by himself. 

The officer must have faced a little deja vu, as the second brother also got charged and received a vehicle impound. However, the brothers were reunited at the impound station, yet neither of them had a car to leave. 

The two brothers were caught speeding during an OPP initiative to patrol the roads all weekend to catch speeders and distracted drivers and to make sure their roads stay safe. 

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt states that officers will be patrolling the roads all weekend long and will be focusing on distracted driving. Schmidt warns that if you are caught with your phone in your hand this weekend you will be charged with a $615 ticket and a license suspension. 

Schmidt states that they are striving to have zero fatalities this Labour Day weekend due to driving. Last year, eight people died throughout the weekend, five of those people due to highway accidents. 

Both brothers will be appearing in court. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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