It appears Canadians are showing up to the party but not staying long.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 3 million Canadians have downloaded the COVID-19 alert app as of Wednesday.  

However, few Canadians are actually using the technology for what it is intended for.

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COVID Alert app downloads


It appears people are taking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at his word as he said Canadians could download the app and forget it. 

Despite a million downloads in its first go-around and now three times that number, only 514 users have notified the app about their positive test results, the organization told CTV News.

This could be why politicians have urged Canadians to download the app again as Covid-19 cases continued to surge in the country.

After weeks of silence regarding the app, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau name-dropped it in the Liberal throne speech and lit a fire under Canadians.

The prime minister’s office told CTV News that downloads of the app spiked after his speech, noting almost 100,000 downloads by Apple and Android users an hour after the speech concluded.

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