Three Ontario boys were rewarded for their act of bravery today as Guelph Police recognized these boys after they helped to save a mans life. After discovering an unconscious body on some train tracks while they were biking, the boys quickly found help, resulting in the man being resuscitated. Due to their quick thinking and bravery, Guelph Police awarded the boys with free Dairy Queen ice cream

In a press release, Guelph Police states the three boys, all between the ages of 11 and 12, were riding their bicycles in the area of Silvercreek Parkway South and Eden Street. During their bike ride, they stumbled across an unconscious 41-year-old male who was lying on some train tracks. 

When the boys discovered that the man was unconscious, they quickly traveled to a nearby construction site, where they were able to find help and call for emergency services to arrive. 

The three boys even waited until emergency services arrived and even helped direct the paramedics back to where the man was unconscious. The paramedics were able to successfully resuscitate the man.  

Guelph Police state that a train was scheduled to pass over those train tracks approximately thirty minutes after the man was resuscitated, which may have resulted in a very different outcome. Due to the boy's discovery and their quick thinking they were able to save the man from a dangerous situation.  

Guelph Police are recognizing these three boys for their heroic act of helping to save a life and thanking them for their quick thinking and bravery by releasing a public statement about their quick thinking.  

On top of that, Guelph Police also noticed that all three boys were practicing proper biking safety and were all wearing helmets during the incident. 

Due to this, Guelph Police rewarded each boy with a Dairy Queen 'ticket' for safe biking which allows them to go and enjoy a tasty treat from free at their local Dairy Queen. 

During the summer, Guelph Police hand out Dairy Queen 'tickets' to children that they spot on the street who are practicing proper bike safety such as wearing helmets and walking your bike across the road. 

With a nice summery weekend ahead of us, you can bet these young local heroes will be enjoying their day off at the nearest Dairy Queen! 

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