Snow has a special way of just ruining everything. The latest victims of Canada's harsh winter were the nests of three baby owls in Saskatoon. The absolute little Saskatchewan owls were found wandering on the ground but thankfully, volunteers helped them rebuild their homes. 

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan (WRSOS) posted a video on YouTube on how these baby owls were helped out by locals during their time of need. 

The video is titled "The Owl Trifecta" and was posted on Monday, May 11.

The video is made up of heartbreaking images of the cute creatures and the locals that helped create new nests for them. It turns from heartbreaking to heartwarming pretty quickly. 

According to WRSOS, locals found the first owl on a "snowy day in May," which is apparently a thing in Canada

The organization's hotline received a call that a baby owl had fallen out of a tree in a busy pathway. 

The situation concerned the organization so much that the actual President, identified as Bonnie, went out to put the owl back in its tree. 

The video shows an owl looking so sad and abandoned on the snowy ground just as it's approached by Bonnie. 

On the same day, another volunteer working the hotline received a call about yet another owl that had fallen out of its nest.

The nest was in the same tree and in the same area as the first owl. So clearly, those nests were not equipped to handle the harsh Saskatchewan snow

This time around, both Bonnie and another volunteer, identified as Alex, went to the tree and put the second fledgling back. 

WRSOS said that they believe the heavy snow may have broken the owls' nests and then the wind probably pushed them out of the tree, leaving them confused on the ground. 

We don't know about you, but our hearts are melting at the thought of that. The

"Luckily, Bonnie and Alex were able to climb up a tall ladder and put the baby owls back together again," reads the text over the video. 

However, the story isn't over. It turns out that there was a third owl that suffered the same fate the following day. The hotline received yet another call. 

The third owl was apparently too small to be left alone in the tree "like its siblings." 

So the volunteers had to build a whole new nest for the fragile baby "under the watchful eyes of parents, siblings, and some human spectators." 

The building efforts are shown in the video. It looks like the brand-new nest for the third baby owl was actually a cardboard box for bananas. It's genius. 

the little owls were returned to their tree and the video goes on to thank the local volunteers for making this happy ending possible. 

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