For some of us, the idea of buying a house isn’t even comprehensible. Especially not in this market. But you have to admit, it’s fun to look around at extravagant houses and wish they were yours. Here is a list of the five most luxurious beachfront houses for sale on Vancouver Island. Just try not to catch any FOMO. 

Beachfront properties are beautiful and they often come with a large price tag that perfectly matches the extraordinary ocean views each house possesses.  

Right now, there are tons of beachfront properties for sale on Vancouver Island. The only problem is that you would be hard-pressed to find anything in your price range. 

Seriously, you may want to sit down when you read these prices. 

1277 & 1281 Lynn Road, Tofino, BC

Price: $14,500,000

Listed by: Shane Wilson, Logan Wilson

Description: This obviously beautiful 5,987 square foot home features six bedrooms and seven baths. It sits on 1.21 acres fronting Chesterman Beach so you could literally go swimming anytime you wanted! 

The list of amenities is seemingly endless and even has heated floors, walk-in closets, an exercise room, intercom system, and a steam room. 

Site: Sotheby’s 

529 Swanwick Road, Metchosin, BC

Price $12,888,000

Listed By: Logan Wilson

Description: This dynamic split floor home is an architect's dream. Yet another swanky house with six bedrooms and seven baths. This 10,7000 square foot home looks like it's straight out of a movie and its slanted architecture is something to marvel at! 

It rests on a 67-acre oceanfront property that is literally just minutes away from Victoria, so you really get the best of both worlds. 

Site: Sotheby’s 

6720 Willis Point Rd, Victoria, BC

Price: $7,999,000

Listed By: Logan Wilson 

Description: No, you’re not buying an entire street block. Although it does look like it! This nine-bedroom, 10-bath, 10,144 square foot mansion is something a celebrity would own! Situated on a 42-acre spot, this home an infinity pool, helipad, theatre room, and infinite parking for your hundreds of vehicles. Oh, and did we mention the view? 

Site: Sotheby’s 

5179 East Sooke Road, Victoria, BC

Price: $7,500,000

Listed By: Glynis MacLeod, Kirsten MacLeod

Description: If you’re looking for your own private area, this five-bedroom, five-bath, 6,554 square foot home is for you. The 10-acre land is literally all shoreline and it is totally tucked away from the city. This home is perfect for anyone who likes to boat, fish or has an extra seven million dollars lying around. 

Site: Sotheby’s 

900-847 Dunsmuir Road, Esquimalt, BC

Price: $7,000,000

Listed By: Andy Stephenson

Description: Did someone say penthouse? This three-bedroom, four bath penthouse looks like a place James Bond would own! The 4,164 square foot space is totally iconic and has windows literally everywhere. This waterfront property is also in the heart of the city so you literally get it all. 

I don’t know about you, but I think I could get used to it. 

Site: Sotheby’s 

There you have it! The five most luxurious and expensive homes that are for sale right now on Vancouver Island. Please just invite us to your house warming. 

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