If you live in Canada or the United States, then you're definitely familiar with the trend of escape room games that are frequented by young adults seeking fun and adventure on the weekends. Unfortunately, 13 escape rooms were shut down in Poland after five teenage girls died in a fire after getting stuck in an escape room during a birthday party.

If you haven't heard of an escape room, it's an entertaining game that has been increasingly well known across the world in recent years. It's an interactive game where people pay money to enter a room where they must solve puzzles and riddles in a race against the clock to escape from the locked room.

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While most of these escape rooms have an evacuation route or escape room employees watching the players from outside the room with a camera, it seems that this was not the case during this incident in Poland. 

Polish officials and the fire chief have confirmed that there was indeed a safety flaw didn't allow the children to escape from the blaze when the room caught fire.

These escape rooms have become extremely popular in the past five years, especially among young adults. The interactive game allows children and adults to work together in a film-like scenario where they help each other escape as if they were in a movie. 

According to Polish officials, they have shut down 13 escape room games due to safety flaws after the incident. Officials also stated that the escape room where the young girls died was at a private house in Koszalin, and the room that they were locked in didn't have an emergency exit.

A fire that erupted at the residence and that is what caused the death since the girls could not escape the room by the time the fire spread. Officials have also stated that other locals have previously criticized that specific escape room for being unsafe.

The owner of the escape room has been detained and will be questioned in regards to the deaths and the safety of the game.

Since the deaths of the children, there has been a public memorial held at Koszalin Cathedral and in front of the residence where the escape room was held. Since Friday, more than 200 escape rooms in Poland have been checked revealing many have safety flaws that need to be fixed immediately. 

Source: CTV News, Global News

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