Next time you indulge your need for speed, remember that some provinces are now hiking up speeding fines with every kilometre above the limit.  These provinces are Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, PEI and the Northwest Territories. 

But, not all of these places have the same rules. Ontario has the lowest increased fine per kilometre, at $17.50 for 1 km/hour over the limit and zero demerits. Quebec is $45 with no demerits, PEI is $51.50 and three demerits, and Newfoundland has a starting fine of $65 and zero demerits. In Alberta, the first km/h over the limit is $78, but after that it varies. Going 8 km/h over the limit is $98, and going 9 km/h over is $102. Thankfully, these include court fees and surcharges. 

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Last year, one guy's speeding ticket issue went viral after he was fined for going one km/h over the speed limit in Alberta. The driver didn't end up having to pay the $78 fine because his speed was only estimated and not recorded by radar. But, it served as a good reminder that, even if it seems insignificant, there's no such thing as speeding without consequences. 

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Even though the fines start low, anything over 50 km/h above the limit is considered street racing in some provinces. In Ontario, the fine is anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000, and up to $24,604 in New Brunswick. Totally not worth the risk.

Oh, and most provinces also double all speeding fines in school zones and near construction sites, including the per km/h hikes. So, even a few km/h over the speed limit in these areas could end up costing several hundred bucks. 

Source: The Globe And Mail

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