Six people have died in a fatal multi-vehicle crash on Alberta's Highway 93, in Jasper National Park. According to local police, the crash happened at around 6:30 PM on Tuesday evening, 60 kilometres south of the Jasper township.

The six victims were reportedly pronounced dead on scene.  The highway was closed all night as investigators remained in the area. The cause of the crash and the identities of the six victims have not been announced.

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According to Global News, another serious crash was reported just three hours later, 10 kilometres away from the scene of the first collision. Six people were hurt and transported to the hospital, but no fatalities were reported.

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The fatal crash is one several this past week in the province of Alberta.  Between this past Sunday and last night's crash, six adults and three children have been killed in highway collisions. Several more remain in hospital with serious injuries.

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More information on the circumstances and victims of the crash is expected to follow shortly.

Source: CBC, Global News






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