We just finished getting free slurpees from 7-Eleven, but the convenience store giant is already giving us more free goodies. 

Coffee lovers across Canada are invited to bring their favourite mug and fill it for FREE at any 7-Eleven Coffee Bar. 

Bring Your Own Mug (BYOM) Day let customers, will, bring their own mugs, and fill it with as much hot chocolate, Arabica Coffee or flavoured latte that will fit. 

Yup, that's right. The Canada-wide convenient store is gracing us with hot drinks free of charge, just in time for the cold weather. 

But if you're thinking of bringing a massive inflatable dinghy or 10 litre bucket, the deal isn't that unlimited. Vessel restrictions include a diameter of less than 26cm, and it also has to be clean and water-tight.

And to ensure that all java enthusiasts get to enjoy BYOM Day, there's a limit of one mug per person. 

If you've ever been to 7-Eleven's Bring Your Own Cup Day, BYOM Day will be exactly like that, but with hot chocolate instead of flavoured ice. 

via @7eleven

This freebie is available on November 15th only at all 7-Eleven locations nationwide. 

Check here for your closest location.

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