The Government of Canada's travel advisory for Mexico remains in effect, following a horrific discovery that rocked the popular resort city of Cancun yesterday. A total of eight bodies, two of which were dismembered and shoved in plastic bags, were found in the streets.

Authorities discovered the first bodies in the trunk of a taxi on Monday. A man and a woman were found dead in the trunk of the car  - whether or not they were tourists remains unknown at this time.

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Fox News reports that Quintana Roo police authorities later discovered the body of a man who was bound and shot to death, followed by another body which lay covered by a plastic bag.

The bodies were discovered outside of Cancun's beach-hotel zone, but Canada's travel warnings state that tourists should "avoid all non-essential travel" to many parts of Mexico,  "due to the high levels of violence and organized crime."

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For nationwide travel to Mexico, Canada has marked the safety risk level as high, and Canadian travellers should "exercise a high degree of caution" should they choose to visit.

"Crime rates in Mexico are high. Arrest and detention rates are low and contribute to higher levels of criminality," the advisory states, "The level of crime in resorts and major tourist cities and destinations is relatively low compared to the national average."

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Cancun has seen an alarming spike in violence since April 2018,  with 14 murders reported in just 36 hours.

To see the Government of Canada's full travel advisory for Mexico, click here.

Source: FOX News

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