Canadians are getting the chance to fill the shoes (or wings) of a beloved icon. Auditions for the Philly cream cheese angel are starting to roll in, and some of them are hilarious. Apparently there are plenty of people vying for the heavenly position.

The contest was announced on February 26, with Kraft Canada asking anyone interested to post their auditions on social media with the hashtag, #Phillycastingcall.

Anyone who grew up watching a lot of TV in the 90s probably remembers the commercials in question: an angel, hanging out among the clouds, and spreading Philly cream cheese on bagels, crackers, and other delicious carbohydrates.

The winner will get to step into the role that has been occupied by actress Linda Kash for years.

Kash herself wrote, "My biggest piece of advice to wannabe-PHILLY angels is to be yourself. Have fun and show me what makes you different."

It appears that people have taken the advice to heart and are posting audition videos that stand out among the crowds.

We combed through social media and found some of the most hilarious angel auditions that have been submitted so far. It's anyone's guess as to whether any of these people will get the job.

What Is This Ad For Again?

Apparently this Twitter user is really going for the passionate approach. If anything, an ad like this would make people think about cream cheese all day.

Right Down To Business

This video has it all: honesty, qualifications, and a dog. What's not to love?

This Guy Has Great Hair 

Wait a minute... Something isn't right here... His facial hair colour is different! Total dye job.

She's A Real Cream Cheese Fan

To be fair, the company is looking for someone who is dedicated to the product. 

Love The Energy In This One

She's so happy that it's almost scary, but we'd consider her for the great bagel jokes alone.

Time for A Montage

This one cleverly throws back to when the original commercials first graced the airwaves.

There Are No Words, Literally

Would Philadelphia want to go with such an abstract concept? Really this audition is just letting the cream cheese speak for itself, but what is going on off-camera?

Step Into The 21st Century

What better way to modernize the Philly angel than a new demographic? 

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