Anyone who has ever had a customer service job knows they have some quirks. Working at Tim Hortons definitely has its own set of characteristics. Only those how have donned the visor know just what that experience can be like.

Sure, the hours are long and it can get really busy at peak hours, but is it all worth it in the end? We're not really sure.

Luckily, social media has allowed those of us who never worked at Tim Hortons to look at what goes on behind the counter.

People who have had the opportunity to be part of the Tims family also get the chance to relive some of their own memories, and share in the experience of their fellow employees.

TikTok, in particular, has given the workers of Timmies the perfect platform to share their hijinks, complaints, and stories in bite-size (Timbit-sized?) videos.

You might not think that manning the counter at the local coffee shop could offer a lot of inspiration for making content, but you would be mistaken.

After all, employees have already had to tell customers all over Canada that they are in fact using the drive-thru incorrectly.

With that, we take a look at some of the best TikToks that any Tim Hortons employee will instantly relate to.

Life Pro-Tip: Dog Timbits Are Free

To be fair, some people do think of their dogs as kids.

There's Only So Many times You Can Say "Excuse Me?"

By the third one, you start to feel like a complete failure.

You Gotta Find Ways To Have Fun

Serious question: would this count as copyright infringement?

Going Through The Motions

Has going into work ever been exciting? Even when you know you have to go, it's still a bummer.

They Say 90 Percent Of The Work Is Done By 10 Percent Of the People

Hands up if you agree with this.

This Is Not A Starbucks

If there's one thing that some people should learn, it's that coffee shops are not interchangeable. Still, the employees will probably humour you.

What Else Can You Do During Downtime?

Once the cleaning's done and you've still got three hours to go, you might as well drop some beats.

That's A Lot Of Hellos

You know when you say a word or phrase over and over and it starts to lose all meaning? That's what it's like.

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