Being a mom isn't easy. That's especially true when you have a lot of kids and your husband is Canadian politician who's running for Prime Minister. Here are nine Jill Scheer images that show she's a super mom.

Jill and Andrew Scheer got married in 2003 and they continue to have a pretty normal life despite Andrew being in politics for most of their marriage so far and now running to be the Prime Minister.

The couple has five kids together so it's no surprise that Jill is a super mother. Andrew seems to think she's pretty great too. 

In an Instagram post on Mother's Day 2018, Andrew called Jill one of the strongest women he knows.

"She is such a loving, thoughtful and caring person. I know our five kids couldn’t ask for a better mother and we all appreciate the strength she shows every day," he wrote.

There are many instances of Jill being an outstanding mom to her five kids from "regular" mom stuff like getting the kids ready for school to "irregular" mom stuff like taking the kids out on the campaign trail.

And she even takes the time to get down on the floor and tie her kid's shoes at the airport.

Then there's when she rocked a Canada Day celebration back in 2017 by doing a kind of double fisting that only a Canadian mom can. Timmies in one hand and her kid in the other. 

You go, mom!

Jill does more "regular" mom stuff with her kids whether it be super fun outings to learn about bees or just hanging out in the kitchen for some good cuddle time. 

She even takes her kids out to sporting events like watching football games in Ottawa, starting them on the sport when they're young. 

You definitely want to click through to the next photo in this Instagram post. 

And then, of course, there's the political aspect of it all. Jill brings her kids out to support Andrew at political events and on the campaign trail. 

And even if she's not bringing along the kids on election campaigns, Jill is always there for Andrew and his career.

Andrew joked to the National Post that in every campaign he's had since 2004 Jill has either just had a baby or been pregnant.

We'd definitely call that fact alone the ultimate qualifier for her being a super mom. 

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