It's almost time for Canadians to start heading to Tim Hortons in order to play Roll Up The Rim. It's a yearly tradition, one that often sparks more disappointment than happiness. So why do people keep going?

There's just something about the excitement of potentially winning a big prize. However, winning can be so rare that even just getting a coffee or a donut feels like a victory (even if the odds are actually worse this year).

Almost everyone has had their own experience with rolling up rim after rim only to see the words "please play again." While that element of the game has been eliminated this year, it can never truly be forgotten.

Roll Up The Rim is a uniquely Canadian experience, one that sees Tim Hortons devotees getting a little something extra with their daily coffee. Even people who have sworn off Timmies forever end up going in once or twice just to see if they can win.

Whether people love it or hate it, there's no denying that the national game will arrive every year like clockwork.

There may be fewer prizes in 2020, and there may even be a new digital element, but if these memes remind us of anything, it's that the game never really changes.

The Key Is Persistence

Keep playing and you have to win eventually, right? Anyone who thinks that has never been to a casino before.

Still, Nothing Tops the Thrill Of Winning

"Does anyone else hear 'We Are The Champions,' or is it just me?"

Although Every Year, There Are Some Questions

What are you supposed to do? Order a large? Get outta here!

And Of Course, There's The Competition

We'd call it a risk/reward system, but both the risk and reward are so, so small.

At least at McDonald's, you're guaranteed a free coffee after seven cups (which Tims Rewards members get now too).

Then Things Like This Happen

And you have to just stand there like "oh, Karen, that's so awesome! I'm so happy for you!"

Maybe It's a Bit Of Both

Better get another coffee and play again to find out. Plus, if you win a coffee, then you can play again and find out...

This Is Just Mean, Though

Alright, that's just a low blow. It may be accurate, but you didn't have to say it.

Even Newfoundlanders Are Having A Hard Time

You'd think Tims could cut them a break after having been snowed in for so long.

At The End Of The Day, Maybe The Employees Have It All Figured Out

When does McDonald's Monopoly start back up again?

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