On May 18th, 25-year-old Samantha Richards from Amherstburg, Ontario pleaded guilty to concealing the dead body of a child. She was arrested on June 16th, 2016, for dumping her newborn son’s corpse in a dumpster. Today, her final sentence has been handed to her, but Ontarians are far from satisfied with the court's ruling.

Back in December, Richards already got off of a second charge; neglecting to obtain assistance during childbirth. The crown said there was no prospect on convicting of that count.

Today, her final sentence was nothing anyone expected. She was given a suspended sentence and probation. She will have a criminal record, but won’t be spending any time behind bars.  

The disturbing facts of the case were laid out during Richards’ court hearing in May. It was revealed that her infant son had died before or during birth. For reasons no one will ever understand, Richards methodically planned a way to dispose of the body and the placenta in a reusable shopping bag.

First, she hid the remains inside a grate at the front of her building. The next day, she changed her mind, retrieving the remains from the grate and ditching them in the dumpster. A man sorting through recycling accidentally stumbled across the infant’s dead body a few days later.

With gruesome details such as these, it’s no wonder Ontarians are sickened and outraged over the sentence. Facebook users claim that negligent parents are getting off easy for their role in fatal tragedies. These include the many instances of kids dying in hot cars, as well as the case of the mother who drove around a flood barrier and had her son swept away in the water.

Richard's lawyer noted how shameful and guilty her client has felt over the ordeal. She said she is dealing with a lot of self-hatred and has barley left her home since being charged in 2016.

Source: The London Press, CTV News

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