Just about the last thing you would ever expect to see when you look up at a building’s rooftop would be a baby in diaper wandering around unattended.

And yet that’s EXACTLY what some people in Hamilton, Ontario saw recently.

And someone, of course, filmed it and posted it on social media for the masses. 

Via 6ixbuzztv

The scary footage has been viewed over 100,000 times since it was posted on the Facebook page 6ixbuzz yesterday.

The video is only 10 seconds long and gives almost no real context as to how the baby ended up on the ledge of a roof alone or how long they were there. 

Via 6ixbuzztv

The window of the house appears to be open so it's likely that the child climbed through it and out onto the roof.

A crowd of people can be seen clustered around the bottom of the house and appear ready to try to catch the child in the event that the little one should slip. 

Someone took things a little bit farther though.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t show this but apparently, someone broke a window of the house and ran inside and upstairs to where the child was and grabbed them before pulling them inside to safety.

We’re all very happy that what could have easily become a tragic situation was resolved without anyone getting hurt. 


Source: CBC

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