British Columbia’s Minister of Health, Adrian Dix, and its Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, spoke at a press conference regarding the coronavirus in B.C. on the morning of Tuesday, January 28. Dr. Henry confirmed that a presumptive case has been identified in the province. The diagnosis brings the national count to three presumptive cases.

Dr. Henry explained that the individual carrying the virus in B.C. is a man in his 40s that travels to China frequently. She said he has tested positive for the coronavirus and at this time is in recovery in his home.

According to CBC News, the aim of the update this morning was to communicate the province’s readiness to combat the virus.

Members of the media gathered to ask questions and gain more information about the virus.

Naturally, a number of the questions were about the person who was diagnosed. 

Dr. Henry explained that he was aware of the coronavirus and that “he was in Wuhan city for a portion of his time in China.”

Though he was trying to protect himself, he “clearly he came in contact with somebody, probably unknowingly.”

Many questions were raised about the numbers of confirmed cases and B.C.'s Provincial Health Officer repeated that health officials in the province will tell the public about every confirmed case as soon as they are able to.

She added that she “would be absolutely surprised if we did not have more cases,” speaking to the travel frequency between B.C. and China. 

Adrian Dix, the Provincial Minister of Health, also spoke to his pride in the country's response to the virus and public concern surrounding the virus.

He explained that Canadians should be confident in the response of our public health officials.

There have been a number of Canadian lives impacted by the virus over the past few days. For example, there is a pregnant Vancouver woman currently being quarantined in Wuhan.

On top of that, face masks have been selling out in B.C. and Ontario as individuals are trying to protect themselves. 

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